Positives and Negatives of Amazon Dropshipping


Dropshipping is a great business to invest in. But to make the productive venture you need to frame out certain things. You have to search out various options. The plan should be clear. You need to make a smart choice, be it about the product niche, the supplier, the store or the platform. Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most established, renowned and successful stores in the current drop shipping market. But does it just look good or are there some facts to be uncovered? Let’s unfold the truth in detail.





People often attach web developing and technological friendly skills as a must have in this industry. All you need to do is just follow the usual Amazon process. No need to find a URL, no need to worry about hosting. It is that simple.


Although fame is not a materialistic asset, it may make you earn more than the physical things you own. Amazon is a big name for sure. People trust it for its goodwill. High traffic seems to be in the daily routine of Amazon and you can enjoy this facility with it. Your products will be seen by a lot of people through the store.





As mentioned in the positives, Amazon is a huge name that everyone has heard of. Unfortunately, this means that you more than likely will face a lot of competition when trying to sell your products. You will have to think about ways or ideas that will really separate you from the crowd and gain trust from potential customers.


You do not own Amazon. Consequently, you cannot get the monetary benefit against the value you add to it. If you would have used your own platform, you could sell with high profit if you ever think to move on. You do not have any control over the store and you will need to abide by the policies of Amazon.


Data is always useful. By having this information, it can help you win customer loyalty. You get their personal details and you can contact them personally. However, with Amazon, you cannot access the details. This can be a disadvantage if you are trying to boost your sales and increase your profits.


Hopefully, the picture is a bit clearer to you now. Think about what you want. Evaluate your plan. What is your thoughts? Select between the available options wisely and smartly. We have got the truth very open right in front of you. The call is yours now!