Reasons Why Users Abandon Their Carts


An E-commerce business is not an easy going path. Similar to every other field of business, you face challenges. A successful entrepreneur takes the challenges head-on. You need to think about the problem, the reason behind it and then then come up with a solution. Users abandoning their carts is one challenging issue. It can be quite discouraging. Here are the top 4 reasons why users abandon their carts and some solutions to the problem



Users are only interested in your product. Nothing else. He/she does not want to spare time in making an account before ordering. Rather the customer wants to fast way forward. People leave when they see the requirement of making an account. But it is important for the business. What should you do?

Well. Do not make it the first step. Instead, allow the customer to purchase first. As it is done, now comes the making of an account. Invite them by saying that making an account will facilitate you in tracking, and getting discounts, etc. It will make future purchases faster and simpler.


It is also a bit irritating to pay more than the actual price from a customer’s mindset. They do not like it at all. But we as entrepreneurs know the fact. We cannot disclose the accurate charges for transportation until we have the address.

If it is possible, you may offer free delivery to cater to it. Add some expected expense of the delivery by default in the price. Do not lessen your profit. But the price by competitors may hurdle here. Another option is to try giving a realistic estimate either directly or with a delivery calculator.


It is right that the word has grown digitally. But e-commerce entrepreneurs should not ignore the fact that still there is a sector of the population who do not risk it. Security concerns are a major cause of the problem. The exploitation of personal data is still a threat.  People have heard stories about losses caused by it.

You have to gain the user’s confidence. Practice certain recognized steps. You should add clear and simple messaging. The simpler, the easier for the customer to understand. You should equip your website with a padlock in the address bar. It makes your website feel safe and secure.


Around 28% of the total abandoning carts are issued because of this factor. It seems to itch to them. Some extra forms irritate and disturb the customers. You have to comfort and ease the process. The goal has to be the satisfaction of the users.

Reduce the time it takes to purchase a product. Lessen the number of screens they have to see for the details. Think like a new user. What disturbs you will also be troublemaking for the viewers.

So these are some of the basic problems to address to decrease the number of people leaving your store after filling in the cart with the products they want.