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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Do I Need a Shopify Account to Use Dropship Spy?

No, you can use Dropship Spy for any eCommerce platform. All our information is digital and usable how you wish. That said, we do integrate with shopify which automates alot of processes.

Do you have any training courses?

Yes, we have tutorial videos on how to use our services and tools. Plus a special resource that shows you where the best training material is.

Can I cancel anytime?

No problem! You are in complete control of your membership. You can cancel at anytime by clicking the account button once you are logged in. You can also pause your subscription. This will stop your billing, which you can resume at a later date.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are provided where necessary, however we will do our best to help solve any issues you may have, including if your are not happy with your service. If you are having any problems, please contact support and our team will do their best to find a solution.

Cancelling or Pausing my subscription?

You can do either by clicking "Account" in the members area.

Cancelling your active subscription will stop the billing and it's renewal. Do this before the next billing cycle and you won't be charged again. You can return at anytime. You can cancel at anytime and if there are days left from a previous payment, you will still have the access until they run out.

Pausing your active subscription pauses the billing. You still have open access to the time you have paid for, this does not pause the time paid for. You can resume at any time. If you resume after the prior billing date, you will be charged from then onward as the new billing date.

I Forgot to cancel, can you do anything?

If you have forgotten to cancel your membership, you will need to contact us immediately. We may be able to offer a small refund if you havent used our services.

"Excellent customer service with Alex. I wont go into detail but he was helpful and I felt like they didnt just want to take my money and not care about my feedback.”

Nardeen Billan

“Without dropspy I would've have been able be lucrative with my business in short amount of time! many thanks , keep up good work!”

Jeffery Wesson Jr.