How To Use Instagram to Advertise Your Business


Instagram. The word itself is so famous that it immediately clicks in our minds with the thoughts of quality content. There are around 25 billion businesses marketing their products and services with over 2 million advertisers on a monthly basis. For your interest, 60% of the users get to see a product regularly; 75% of them go for the purchasing decision. You may think of Facebook at first for the promotional purpose, but we reckon Insta cannot be ignored given the rapid increase in the number of users of the social media platform. Read on for a guide on how to start operating on Instagram.


To start with, some baby steps like installing the app and creating an account are the usual practice. Make sure that the account you open is a business account, not a personal one. The profile name should also be named at the name of your e-commerce store. In case of the name being unavailable, try to add symbols to get it right. Use your business logo as your profile picture and add some interesting explanation or description in the bio including the website link. Click here to sign up.


Now, you may strategize the plan on what to post, how to post, timings of the post, how many posts in a one day. Your post should be appealing, engaging, attracting and interacting for the users. And to respect the informal public platform, try to inject some flavor of humor and fun. You may also manage to have some hashtags that entice the viewer to pay it some moments of attention at least. Build a relationship with the audience.


At first, the attempt should try to grow you page organically. It is done by making contacts, organizing contests, making interactions and chatting with potential clients. The more you use Instagram smartly, the bigger number followings you will enjoy. Once the basis is set, the other work will go in a smooth manner.


Paid advertisements are really useful. People relevant to the demographics of your products will be targeted through it. If it is for younger people, they will get to see it. If it is for females, it will be shown to them.  And the list goes on…


Make people speak their heart out to you. Make them feel you are a seriously caring entrepreneur. Welcome the reviews and feedbacks, ask the people about your service, products and about all the minor things. Improve yourself accordingly. It will help you in scaling the sales level to its peak.

Now that you all the required information for using Instagram for marketing, interacting and engaging, you may move on. It is really crucial in Dropshipping.