How To Do Customer Service Effectively

Did you know $1.6 trillion is lost by companies in the United States, due to poor customer service? Here is a guide on how to customer service effectively.

The customer is always correct:

When speaking to a customer or potential customer always remember that they are always right, even if it compromises your sanity.

Remember to educate them or solve the problem.

Honesty and clear:

With recent problems due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, you may be experiencing slow shipping.

It is important to be clear when there is a problem with the order.

As well as being honest about what the cause is, rather then leaving questions unanswered.

Reply fast:

Don’t ever leave a customer waiting for a long period of time.

You an use a customer service bot to give you extra time for a reply.

However customers find talking to a human easier.

Did you know?

  1. More than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service.
  2. Feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason customers switch away from products and services.
  3. The average wait time on social media is nine hours.

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