Dealing With Refunds and Returns


Most drop shippers think of returns and refunds as a bad thing. They take it as a result of some flaw by you or a loss of the money you invested for promotional purposes. Whereas it is not always something which would kill your customer base. At times professional attitude in the process of Refunds and Returns let you attract the customer. You have to treat it with importance. You need to invest time on it. And it is a bit tricky task to deal with. So in case of the problem, we are right here to take you out of it comfortably with some tips on dealing with refunds and returns.


Research suggests that 67% of the viewers go first to your Refund and Returns page before they visit your products for purchase. You should have a clear policy on the matter. The page discussing the process should be easily found by the user. Its all about being proactive, rather than reactive. It helps you follow the crystal clear path you have made when comes the situation. On the other hand, it may also help you in winning the customer. Easy steps make one relaxed and comfortable.


As you receive a call, message or email for a return or a refund, you should respond as early as possible. Put yourselves in the customers’ shoes. Isn’t it frustrating to get a poor quality of a product? Or does it disappoint you if the delivery is not of something you wanted? It is. Definitely, it is. You should think about it. Customers want you to entertain their query at the earliest. It shows respect. It displays them about your work ethics.


In case of a disappointed customer, you should be very down to earth in communication. Use words that are not too strict, harsh or straightforward. Show sympathy. The sensitivity level is high here, so you must deal with it with the utmost intelligence. The better you communicate with the customer, the higher the chances for the customer being happy with your service. And remember the words, “happy customers come again and buy products on a regular basis.”


Your inquiry about the issue must be approached politely and professionally. Make the process as smooth as possible so the customer can easily explain their problems. If a customer is angry, you should try to defuse the situation. Be sure to to listen and be understanding. If the returns process you have launched is confusing, the customer will not only stop purchasing from you but they could also tell others about it and the cycle will go on. Try to keep it as simple as you can.


Be sure to read all complaints and issues carefully and attentively. If something doesn’t work for one customer, chances are, more of your customers feel the same. Complaints may come with some learning for you. Customer feedback is the biggest way you can help improve your product and service.