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I’m Interested In Your Service, How Do I Get Started?

If you are new to drop shipping you will need to make sure that you understand how it works.

We suggest using FREE resources like YouTube to get you started.

You’ll need to know:

What drop shipping is

Drop shipping on eBay, or

Drop shipping on Shopify/Woo Commerce

Drop shipping using Aliexpress

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Pixel’s (tracks sales on your ecom store)

Once you are familiar with these concepts you’ll be ready to take the next step and give it a go for yourself. Only now will our services be beneficial for you as we provide everything you need inc products descriptions, images,  proven results, text adverts, videos adverts and detailed targeting for Facebook.

How Do I Put The Products On My Site?

If you are using Shopify and will need to install the Oberlo or Dropified apps and their chrome extensions. Once you have done this you will be able to follow the link to your chosen supplier and import the product to your store by clicking the extension and import. We will soon have FREE training videos on this. 

You can find details on Oberlo here and Dropified here.

If you are using eBay you can just copy and paste all the information over to your listing.

How Can I Use The Suppliers?

For every product that we upload to our site, we’ll also include 3 (sometimes 2) suppliers from Aliexpress. We find the best suppliers for each product based on rating, products sold, product reviews & price.


I Have A Niche Store, Are Your Services Good For Me?

Our services are probably better suited to a general store as we have products from lots of different niches. However, It might be worth contacting us to find out how many products we have that’ll fit your niche.


Also if you’re just looking for targeting solutions you can use our target builder to market your products.


Can I Use The Videos That Are Included?

Under the “Links & Downloads” section, the bottom link will have a FREE video made by us. They are fine to use. The youtube videos that we include are not made by us and you could risk losing your FB ad account if the creators found out you are using them. But essential it’s your decision to use them or not.


How Do I Download The Video Adverts To Use On Facebook?

Once you log into our site you’ll find the Hot Selling Products page.

Click on the product that you want to view and then go to the “downloads and link” section under the product images.

There you will find a link to download the video advert.

Please note: not all products have videos. This is a new feature and we are currently working back through our products to add videos to them.

How Do I Use You Facebook Targeting Suggestions?

Each product comes with a range of lists(FB pages) which you can target. We suggest that you add up to 3 different lists narrowed done each time. Watch out for a training video on this coming soon.


Can I Use Descriptions, Advert Templates & Videos On My Store?

Everything that we provide on our site is FREE for you to use in your store and for your advertising.


Are You A Niche Finding Service?

Yes, NEW for 2018 we now have launched our Facebook Audience Builder tool that will allow you to find your niche and the best pages to target.


Can I Cancel Whenever I Like?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you like or pause your account to pick up at a later date. You’ll always be able to view content if you’ve paid for it, even after you cancel.


Can I Get A Refund If I Decide To Cancel?

Once you have purchased a membership you will get access for the given amount of time. As a rule we do not provide refunds. However in specialist circumstances we can come to an agreement. Please contact us to enquire more about refunds.


How Do You Find The Best Products?

We extract Facebook’s hottest selling products. We make sure that all products we put on our store have high engagement(likes, comments & shares). To validate these products we use other tools to see if the product is selling on sites like Aliexpress, Amazon US, Amazon UK & eBay. Only then do we add the product to our site.


How Are You Better Than Other Companies Doing This Sort Of Thing?

We are all about value here, and we are constantly thinking of new ways to provide more. We don’t put aside better services for those who pay more, whatever plan you choose with us you’ll get a great service. (We do work out slightly cheaper if your applying for the whole package… elsewhere)

Here is a list of a few things that make us different from the rest –

Downloadable Advert Videos For Our Customers To Use

Downloadable Amazon & AliExpress Reviews To Upload To Your Store

Realistic Profit and Pricing Strategies

Descriptions To Copy & Paste

Evidence Of Product Post Engagement & Popularity

3 Supplier Recommendations

Advert Templates

Hugely In-Depth Audience Analysis

Do You Have A Free Trial?

We don’t have a free trial but what we do do is release one product each week absolutely FREE. You don’t have to give us your email and we don’t drip feed you partial information. You’ll get the same information that our members get. You will be able to trail the product on your store. Once you are confident we do exactly what we say we do, you can come back and sign up to unlock the rest of our products and Facebook audience builder tool.


How Many New Products Do You Add Per Day?

Our aim is to add a minimum of two products per day. On occasions, we might add one or three.

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