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Dropship Spy is an eCommerce software company. We build drop shipping tools to help our clients with their eCommerce ventures.

Hucksta Connect is our app that enables our clients to connect their Shopify store(s) to our system. This in turn allows for importing products and managing orders.

Our teams are trained to use our unique in-house tools that give them elite and sensitive information on products across the internet. They monitor, track and research products until they find a fantastic item that fits under winning or promising products.

For every product that we upload to our site, we’ll also include up to 3 suppliers from Aliexpress. We find the best suppliers for each product based on rating, products sold, product reviews & price.

We have tutorial videos on how to use our services and tools. Stay Tuned, Dropship Spy are looking into providing training videos on Drop Shipping in the near future, watch this space!

No problem! You are in complete control of your membership. You can cancel at anytime by clicking the account button once you are logged in. You can also pause your subscription. This will stop your billing, which you can resume at a later date.

As a general rule, once you have access to our services and information, we don't provide refunds. However any refund requests will be under our discretion. If you are having any problems, please contact support and our team will do their best to find a solution.

We usually offer discounts over our website's homepage. Feel free to drop us a message to see if we have any current offers available, but we cannot guaruntee that we will do.

You can do either by clicking "Account" in the members area.

Cancelling your active subscription will stop the billing and it's renewal. Do this before the next billing cycle and you won't be charged again. You can return at anytime. You can cancel at anytime and if there are days left from a previous payment, you will still have the access until they run out.

Pausing your active subscription pauses the billing. You still have open access to the time you have paid for, this does not pause the time paid for. You can Resume at any time. If you resume after the prior billing date, you will be charged from then onward as the new billing date.

If you have forgotten to cancel your membership, you will need to contact us immediately. We may be able to offer a small refund if you havent used our services.

If a payment fails your access will be stopped. Our payment processors will attempt to take payment upto three times. If payment continues to fail, your subscription will be auto cancelled.

You can cancel very easily by just going to manage subscription in the dashboard. This must be done before your next payment is due. You will still have access upto the last day of your subscription. You must make sure that you have received a confirmation of cancellation email. If you don't please contact us.

We currently do not have a save product function but we recommend bookmarking or taking the name of the product down. If you have connected your Shopify store you will be able to import the product for later use. While logged in you can find recently viewed items on the dashboard. We are looking to introduce a save feature very soon.

To download the free video adverts you just need to click the link and it will open in a new window. After this you just need to right click and save as.

You must install the Shopify reviews app (built by Shopify). Then click settings and then import. This will allow you to upload the reviews file. In order to make sure that the reviews match up to your product, the first column in the file must be the same as the products url. For Example: if your product name is “doggy hair brush” and the url is . Then the first column in the reviews file must be doggy-hair-brush.

To make a request you need to be logged in to the website and head to the dashboard. Locate the 'requests' page or icon and go to it. Select the type of request you need from the drop down bar and fire away.

This is different with each platform, follow your platforms tutorials and instructions on how to do this. To get the information and products from our website, you just need to download and copy everything you need.

Importing Winning Products into your store is easier than ever with the new Dropship Spy. Click on the "hucksta" icon from the members area and add your Shopify store. Then you can select any winning products and click "push to store". A box will pop up showing what the import will be. Then click "push" and your product will import straight to your store".