Facebook for Business: A Guide for Newbies


Whenever anyone says social media, what do we reckon? What comes immediately to our minds? Are you thinking about Facebook? Yes. You are right. Do you know the reason? Because of its whooping fame and craze with the public. Facebook had around 2.38 billion active users on a monthly basis after the first quarter of 2019. The active users of this particular platform reach to 1.03 billion daily. It is even more than the population of the populous country of the world, which is China. There is no reason for a business to stay away from it. It is the best place for marketing for sure and the most effective.

The ultimate guide for a newcomer in the Facebook arena is as follows;


To start with, you will have to install and create an account. The account you come up with has to be a business account. It must be equipped with the basics or require authentic information of your venture. Go to the Facebook Business Manager. Once all the formalities are completed, move ahead and advertise your account. You can associate your account with an already working Ad account or if you want to have your own, you will need to make it yourselves.


This is to get to know whether your ads worked out. Did they produce any leads? Were they productive? It is a significant subject to evaluate or else the money and the efforts go in vain. The Facebook pixel will guide you. It works as an agent between your business site and your Facebook account. The app tracks all the activities of the people viewing your website through Facebook. The data produced is worth it.


There is too much diversification in the users. You should be concerned about those who may result in your customers later. The Audience option is available in the Business Manager section. Ensure that you use it smartly. Filter the relevant people and target them only. This will be both cost and time effective for you. Search about the categories mentioned there and select as per the need of your business.

Dropship Spy offer a Facebook Audience Builder. This tool contains extensive targeting suggestions for every niche we can possibly think of.


A campaign in the Facebook terminologies means to circulate or spread out your advertisement to users of certain demographics. The posts with the word sponsored are the production of campaigns. You will find an option of Ad set in the Campaign section. The demographics and psychographics of the audience to see the ad will be determined by you here. You can also test more than one set. The budget, placement of the ad and the particulars factors of the users are decided here.

The basic steps to get started with Facebook marketing are very clear for you now. You should follow the steps and make a decision considering the nature of your business and the volume of funds you are up to invest.