Everything You Need To Know About Our Products

You can find products to sell anywhere, but why are ours different and better? Here is everything you need to know about our winning and promising products!

What is the difference?

Winning Products-

Winning Products go through a calculator that is formulated to work out the engagement score, they will then be rated out of 5 stars! 2 Winning Products are uploaded each day while there is already 1400+ Winning Products on the system!

Promising Products-

Promising Products are a collection of products that show signs of becoming Winners soon. 3 Promising Products are uploaded each day and there is 1900+ on the system already.

What do they have in common?

It is easy to find the right product, however advertising can be hard. Every product has a video advert ready made to be uploaded, along with 2 Facebook advert templates. But where to advertise? Each product comes with a variety of Instagram influencers that have outstanding engagement scores. as well as a prebuilt Facebook audience builder. Making advertisement a walk in the park. They also each have product reviews ready to be downloaded to your store to make your store look reliable.

Finding products-

We will find products for you using the information from your used, saved, recently viewed and favorite products. To simplify the search for products.

What next? Easy! Using Hucksta you can import as many products, to as many stores as you want at the click of a button. Where? Only at Dropship-Spy.