8 Winning Products To Sell For Valentines Day!

As Valentines shopping starts to pick up mid January according to Google Trends, you can use this to your advantage to make some passive income!

But what do you sell? Here are 8 of the best Winning Products to sell ready for Valentine:

1.Roses bear

With an average profit of £21.17 / $28.00, Rose Bears successfully spiked in popularity last valentines and are expected to grow further this year!

2. King And Queen Necklace

Make a profit of up to £12.82 / $16.76 using these King and Queen necklaces, the jewelry market is forever expanding!

3.  Everlasting Crystal Rose 

The Everlasting Crystal Rose Sprung to popularity back in December 2019 and is expected to be a massive hit for 2020 Valentines day. So why not sell on to make £6.30 / $8.28 profit?

4. 100 Languages “I Love You” Necklace

The bilingual necklace became a perfect world wide gift after trending around on Facebook and Instagram. The profits from this necklace are up to $20.00!

5. Pop-Up Flower Ring Box

Valentines day is the most common day for proposing, what makes this Pop-Up Flower Ring Box a perfect gift! Why not drop ship it and make over $10.00 profit?

6. Crown Ring 

The ring market is worth $279 billion and is still expanding, this ring is a luxury gift with luxury profit margins of $15.00!

7. Personalized Infinity Necklace

Make a profit of £23.30 / $28.75 while connecting with your customers personally!

8.  Boyfriend Pillow

Who said Valentines is just for couples? Sell this novelty pillow to the vast amount of the population who are single to make £14.70 / $17.54  profit.


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