How Write Product Descriptions That Sell



Your customer should have complete information about your offerings. The products and service you want to sell should be defined properly. All of the highlights and basic details are usually addressed in Product Descriptions. At times, people find making a product description a tough and technical task. But it’s not. You just need to follow certain rules and you will come up with a great description.

Know the Product Market:

Our conversational tone varies with the mindset and status of the listener. You are informal with your friends but you respect the profession while speaking to a teacher. Similarly, before writing the product description, you should have in-depth knowledge of the target audience.

Communicate in the Natural Tone:

Normally, writers think that they should have a professional tone in product descriptions. That is only useful in the internal environment. It is basically talking with your customer. Take it easy. Go with the flow. Avoid sophistication.

Prioritize benefits over features:

The customers are not interested in the technicalities of the product. The benefits mean the most to them. They want you to inform about the fruits to be enjoyed after the purchase. The writers should glorify benefits only.

Do not exaggerate:

Sometimes, we tend to add more stars than reality. It seems like the product will revolutionize the customer’s life. Practicality advances towards a dream life. It actually imposes a bad impact. When a customer uses and does not find it real. It causes disappointment in them.

Remain to the point:

Your customers are only interested in the details of the product. The other stories do not matter. The focus should only be centered on the product. You do not need to go here and there. Stay on topic. Avoid irrelevant thought, concepts, and discussions.

Highlight the USP:

As a Marketer, you know how to advertise the product. There are some criterions of the presentation. The Unique Selling Point has to be described prominently. The value you add in comparison with the competitors must be put into the notice of the potential customers.

Optimize it with keywords:

In the digital world, the norms are a bit different. The keywords are to be injected in the descriptions to put your website high on the rank. The search engine optimization is really worth it. It surely increases sales. When people get to read your product description, if written well, they will give order from you.

Respect the word count:

There are some established standards in this head. Some websites allow good numbers of words and others do not. It also depends on the nature of the product and the psyche of your audience. Either it needs to be discussed in detail with all its features, pros and cons or is the basic information enough? You should be very clear about it.


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