5 Products That Blew Up Overnight

Products are trending all the time, however some blow up overnight and before you know it your Instagram feeds are filled with crazy products that you didn’t have a clue about the day before! Here are 5 products that you will most likely recognize:

1.Fidget Spinners

Everyone must remember the craze of the fidget spinner in may of 2017! With intention to help the fidgeting that may came from anxiety, everyone enjoyed the gadget. With 200  Fidget Spinners being sold an hour it is believed they made a revenue of $2.6 million in May.

2. Mini Washing Machine

In May 2019 beauty gurus all over the world where obsessing over this fun novelty gadget, that cleans the beauty tool in every makeup bag. Re-sellers where making £6/$7 for every gadget they where selling.

3. Ionic Hair Brush

February 2019 was when the portable ionic hair brush first peaked. While the hair brush industry is expected to exceed to $1.2 Billion, Dropshippers can make nearly $30 profit.

4. Retro Gaming Phone Case

Another product to relieve fidgeting is the portable Retro Gaming Phone Case, It started trending in December 2019 and may even hit a bigger peak this year. Why not join in and make $14 profit for each one sold?

5. Pop Up Phone Grip

In December 2017 the craze of the Pop Up Phone grips first came onto our social media feeds, 35 million where sold making a revenue of $20 million.


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